D4ES02-8G Synology DDR4 ECC 8GB SO-DIMM 2666

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The Synology D4ES02-8G is a 8GB DDR4 ECC SO-DIMM RAM module designed for use with compatible Synology NAS devices. It is a high-speed and reliable memory module that can improve the overall performance and stability of a Synology NAS.

The D4ES02-8G operates at a frequency of 2666 MHz and features Error Correction Code (ECC) technology, which can detect and correct single-bit errors, providing better data reliability and system stability. It is compatible with a range of Synology NAS devices, including the DS1823xs+, DS923+, DS723+, and more.

Installing the D4ES02-8G in a compatible Synology NAS can help improve its multitasking capabilities, allowing it to handle more simultaneous connections, and increasing the speed of data transfers. It can also help reduce system crashes and data corruption, improving overall system reliability.

Overall, the Synology D4ES02-8G is a high-quality and reliable memory module designed specifically for use with compatible Synology NAS devices. It is an excellent choice for businesses and professionals who require high-performance and stable data storage solutions.

Compatible With:
23 series:DS1823xs+, DS923+, DS723+
22 series:RS822RP+, RS822+, DS3622xs+, DS2422+, DS1522+

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